A old novel of me from my Gymnasium-time

Story (narrative)

The finally count down for Sweden



Chapter 1 the escape

Run, I shouted, run for your life!
-They are trying to kill us all! A loud explosion sounded in front of us. A blast wave was coming towards us with stones, earth and smoke. Suddenly everything was quiet. My patrol and I got down one the ground. One of my female captains whispered: -General how long should we stay in this horrible bloody mud? I gave her my answer with a low hissing: -We’ll stay as long as the strange silence continues.
What stranger could do this against us and against this country?


My soldiers were very good trained, everyone had been in Iraq and Afghanistan, they had seen their friends’ dead, women cry, but however I know any one of them had killed somebody.
One of my officers told me that she had been kidnapped in Afghanistan and the kidnappers kept her for more than a year. She never saw the sun, heard the radio, she was completely alone and when the war was ended and the Russian/Afghans (I couldn’t see any difference as she self said) released her from her prison. Than she came home she understood that no one of her friends in the army were dead.

The bombs start to fall down again!

Run I shout, run to the concert ruin. Did you herd me? Run now!

Everyone in the small but high trained army started to run. Someone of them were older than me and some one of them would died this night. Many would be angry and scary but I knew that no one would refuse the orders I gave them. We run over to the ruin in a miracles way no one get hurt or killed. I was very proud. But suddenly a tank came over the destroyed and bombed road, hide I shouted, but to late the Tank had seen us. The soldiers in the tank shouted and turned their tank’s canon to our hidden place to kill us. Now I have to think quickly! I gave my order, run to the tank don’t stop before you can touch the caterpillar tracks. Now! My men run to the killing masking. The tank’s cannon exploded and things that looked like shot hit my men, someone fell down, but I said: - forward! After few seconds we past the danger place, so now the tanks cannon couldn’t hit us.

We were now so closed that we could start to claim up to the tanks tower. But we had to hurry because it had started to move, and the caterpillar tracks could kill us. I claim and reached the tower but the gap was closed.

I need a grenade I Shouted.

One of my solders throe tow grenades to me. I put both of them on the tank’s gap.

-Run! I shouted.

The explosion was loudly and the tank gap lights of heat and get broken.

-          Attack!

Five of my men reached the tanks gap and jumped into it, but it blowed.

We understand that that was the last we saw of this three breathe man.

I was so angry on my self, I should know better than believed that the man in the tank should gave up. I ordered my soldiers:

-          Ok lets go again we have a long way left.

-          But captain we should look after survives!

-          Do you really think someone is alive in this fucking place? None can live her for more than a day! This tank hade been lost, the drivers were probably a pack of low paid Koreans.

-          Sorry sir I just thought…

-          Well think again! Lets go.

The snipers

We walked in three hours, searching for food and water but all the time we went east closer and closer our main camp. I hoped that they not hade been attacked.

Suddenly we found a fountain and a half destroyed store. We hade reached the south part of Borlänge. The bomb plan hade made a very “good” work, nothing was in one peace everything had been destroyed.

Hurry I said goes into the store and brings what you can find. A hollow shout was hared but it missed me.

-          Run!

One more shoots! We reached the store and didn’t stop before we reached the opposite wall. The store had been raid many times. But it still was things left like Coke, bear, flower milk, in the meet hade it been flies larvae. My general Dolores said yah we could eat them its food too.

I decided to hunts the man or the men who were shooting against us.

-          Ok let’s hurry! You five, get a the camp going here in this store!

-          Yes sir!

-          And you Dolores you been the leader for the water collectors group. Bring five others with you and the first task is to get these fucking bastards who are shooting against us.

-          Yes sir! Said Dolores.

-          I want a sniper!

Two women came. The women couldn’t accept that the other gets the place as sniper. I asked them who was the best both said not surprising I am. So I looked in my minicomputer and saw it was the truth. The women had go in same school at the same time, they was the best in the class every single thing were Big A. I said:

- Okay we have less of time here! You too have to run over to the other side of this area, but watch out for these armed men. When you have arrived to the other house, If you arrived! You have to searching around in the house fore these men. If you find someone bring them to me alive.

And off they went, my two competitive sniper girls. They ran so fast that the men who tried to kill them missed them both. The two of them reached the other side of the square in almost at the same time. I shouted:

-          Congratulations both of you now you really have to cooperate.

My other soldiers laughed loudly. I used my binoculars and saw how they disappeared into the building.

To be continue

Chapter 2


Sir! Dolores was back to gave me a report from hers work. I have found a locked door, sir. Should I blow it? Or just keep it closed.

-          I’m coming Dolores.

So we vent to the locked door. It was a iron door in a concrete wall. Are this wall a important wall for the house stability? No sir, but I don’t now how much the blow wave will destroy. OK I see.

-          hello everybody! You looks very bored so I have something for you to do. Do you see this place all this stuffs have to been moved and that is right now! Do you understand me?

-          Yes sir!

The whole area was cleaned in just 90 minutes and my TNT crazy Dolores gets her big boom. The noise of the explosion was unbearable. A big cloud of dust expanded.

When after that the huge dust cloud had disappeared we could see again. Ok let’s go in and see what we got. So off we vent. Inside it was a LAGER there we found expected from dead and fried rats, a small room with pipes and some burned food.

- Oups! said Dolores. I think I blowed something useful here.

- Maybe, but I think we found water. Look on the floor.

There it was a crack. And from the crack was water coming. Okay let’s dig. We hade now fresh water. But suddenly I remembered my two sniper girls. Okay god work everybody Dolores I have to leave I must see how it goes fore my brave mission impossible snipers.


The grey men

The two women hadn’t shown up. But I could see that the enemy’s snipers still were sticking out from some of the windows. I suppose they are alive. I was wondering if here were some tunnels between the buildings. I used my KIKARE and looked at the windows for more enemies or my girls. Suddenly than I saw into a window with just one sniper man, the pip disappeared that was strange and than I saw the pipe returned to there place again. But now a shout hit the opposite window and an enemy was hit and dead. Hit jumped up and I could see that he was wearing an grey uniform. His helmet was definitive a Swedish Bofors helmet, but grey could just mean one thing rebels, but were from? I backed into the store again and used the helmet radio.

–        Bert come your general are calling.

–        Bert here over.

–        I want a megaphone to the store door come.

–        Yes sir one minutes come.

–        -Ok end of conversation over.


The megaphone came and I tried to get contact with the rebels leader. I used Norwegian English, Germany English and also Russian. But no contact, when I tried our own language Swedish English. Suddenly one old man answered me.

-What do you want us?


Chapter 3


-          what do you want us?

-          I want you to capitulate and give us your service.

-          What in hell did I understand you? General! You want us to give up. But you don’t understand we are the peoples who rules this area not you.

It sounds like holed buildings were laughing. But suddenly one of my girls used her sniper to hit the Leader’s shoulder. Than the hell started, someone shoot against us in the store and other to the other buildings. I don’t know in this days how many who died that day.

After 20 minutes there (what I could counted) just seven left, I picked up my megaphone again to talk to the survives.

-          Hello! Now when you have had your fun can’t you just came down here please.

-          One of my girls shouted: We will came down now sir.

Impressive my two snipers girls came out from opposite building and they both had got three men gently undefended and tied in ropes. I won both shouted. I could just stay and gap at them I couldn’t believe that they still very fighting for the sniper place.

-          General who won? I was in the biggest building.

-          Hey I was in the building with most snipers!

-          Yea but I was in same building as the leader

-          Yes but I hit him!

-          But it was mine idea.

-          Both of you were so stupid so I wondering if I should shoot your both! Do you know how many miles this noise would be heard? Or how many you let kill just to get six peoples alive.

-          But general you and your camp SPRÄNGDE a whole basement…

-          Yes but did we killed anyone?

-          No sir, but we made the sector secured.

-          Did you now we have to leave again and that because of you two! Dolores we stay this night but four tomorrow we leave.

-          Yes sir.

-          You heard him get ready to leave four o’clock tomorrow.

-          Of course: said the solider, but I heard that they were very angry. That should be a hard night for the sniper women.


Chapter 3 The tunnel run


It looked very dark for us now. A MASAKER and an angry army. But Dolores and I hadn’t gave up we started to think how long this tunnels were and we understand that the KLOAKERNA should lead us out from Borlänge to the countryside. So we started to search for an safe escape way through the KLOAKERNA. And we found a good way. This way should lead us southwest. I send a patrol with five men to go before us and wait there to tomorrow when we should came to.

Normer tankar och trams

Jag trivs som Fn med mig själv och i mitt liv just nu i nuet här och nu. Jag har lärt mig så mycket av min resa utomlands så hälften vore nog för att bryta de värsta depressionerna som jag haft. I Indien lever man mer avspänt och med mycket mer färg och flärd. Jag älskar detta och har tagit med detta hem med stor fram gång mer bohemiskt mindre pengar, prylar och press bort med tre p:n.  Ta istället in tre färger blå röd och gul blanda dem sedan så får du mer kul i livet. :D

Hur som så har skolan rullat igång träffat en ny studie kamrat, hon och jag sitter och pressar matte dagarna i enda… Mycket trevligt och kul läraren e bra och hoppet ökar för varje dag att tentan ska gå bra.  I helgen var jag ute med Annso och festade vi var På Världens party där vi var utklädda till indier, mycket lyckad och skoj. Tänkte förgylla dagen med pricken på i:et så jag raggar på en ”dansk” kille som går sjukgymnast=massage. Det gick väl bra till en början och var roligt men som vanligt så hoppar de av skutan när de inser att det inte e ett skämt utan att det faktiskt e en kille som raggar på dem/just honom. Well well Panik som lägger sig och så blir det bara vänskap. Suck men försöka duger.  JAG vill ha en man NU! Men varför klaga när man kan gnälla?
Så därför gnäller jag på att folk inte släpper tyglarna mer på sig själva och sin omgivning? Varför inte frigöra sig mer från dessa normens bojor? Hetro norm smal snygg smart norm. Smal och smart e svår kombinerat vid tenta plugg, dåligt med sömn godis mycket stilla sittande (försök med att göra yoga och skriva mattetal samtidigt). Och denna fettma rasism det e tydligt okej att klanka ner på någon som  e fet och frysa ut just han hon för denna last. Men det blir ramaskri om Sverigedemokraterna lyckas få ihop 3,5 % mitt emellan två valperioder…  Det som inte syns e det farliga!

Det e sjukt viktigt att aldrig aldrig någonsin glömma denna sanning det som inte syns e det farliga ex bakterier, virus inpräntade förhållningssätt till hur livet ska levas, så kallade normer. En norm skapar struktur och ordning i stora sociala grupper den skänker enighet och trygghet. Priset? Den stora massans samtycket till att icke korrekt normativa människor får med våld, utfrysning, diskriminering kräkningar, förföljelse och många fler metoder rättas in i leden. Men vad gör ni när ribban höjs när makthavarna vill få mer tillväxt när ännu mer faller ur kakmåttet när mindre begåvade individer slår ner de icke normriktiga i tunnelbanan eller vid busshållsplatsen med en publik på minst dubbelt så många!? NEJ svenskar lagom e extremt och nu får det vara nog. Jag tänker inte lämna över detta moderland till nästa generation utan att fler har vaknat ur dimman av normer. Jag e beredd att skriva hyllmeter med litteratur om detta jag kan demonstrera miltals för ett friare Sverige och mer mångkulturellt globalt system. Varje själ som börjar våga ge sin egen självbild rättvisa och lära älska och visa sitt unika jag. Ja jag vet att detta troligen inte e bra för vårt så stabila och fantasiska välfärdssystem med tillväxt som ända lösning på alla kriser och problem. Visste ni föresten att i Luleå så har sopmängden under alla år stigit oavsett låg eller högkonjunktur. Vi kommer konsumerat upp våra barn innan de hunnit till bb i den här farten. Tack för att ni läste dessa mindre ordnade tankar från mig. Jag vill bara avsluta med ett citat från en indian.           
”När den sista floden e tömd när den sista sjön förgiftad den sista fisken fiskad de sista grässtrået borta kommer människan att förstå att pengar inte går att äta. ”

Tack och god Natt

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